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Bonnie's wide variety of material and high level of energy, her ability to involve her audience, her sense of fun, and her pretty voice all add up to a top-notch performance.
                                 -- Carolyn Potter, Children’s Librarian, Marin County Library

Bonnie’s original songs are catchy and well crafted, and her teaching is positively sneaky—her listeners think they are just having a good time, but they learn a lot!  
                                    -- Gay Ducey, Storyteller

Bonnie helps the world with her songs. I love her.
                                 -- Bryna, age 6 


A Participatory Concert for Preschool and Primary Grade Children and Families

Bonnie presents interactive concerts for children and families in libraries, schools, and community centers.  For over twenty-five years, she has developed a dynamic repertoire which feeds Songs & Music Games from Around the World, her ever-changing show for pre-school and primary grade children

Designed to maximize children's participation, her shows feature sing-along, clap along, move-along activities with folk songs from many countries and cultures including Jamaica, Japan, Nigeria, Nicaragua and the United States. 

In addition to a wealth of folk songs, Bonnie’s own original materials lend a distinctive vitality to her presentations.  She encourages children to sing, dance and fingerplay their way into the joys of music.  Kids and families cooperate and collaborate in singing games, call and response chants, story-songs, and on-the-spot rhythm bands.

Accompanying herself on guitar, keyboards, and percussion, Bonnie sings with irresistible enthusiasm.  With a repertoire rich in cultural diversity, she entertains while nurturing the seeds of children's self esteem.


An Interactive Musical Program For Children In Grades 4-6

 Drawing on folk materials from the Caribbean and Mexico, the British Isles, West Africa, and many regions of the United States, Bonnie presents a program for children in grades 4 through 6.  Playing drums on the Panamanian “Al Tambor,” singing along with the penny whistle on an Irish tune, and playing a kazoo interlude on “Love Potion Number Nine”, youngsters join Bonnie on the bridge that connects traditional and contemporary song.

Accompanying herself on guitar, piano, and percussion, Bonnie designs programs reflecting curriculum and seasonal themes.  She has developed shows to coordinate with Women’s History Month, Ocean’s Studies, and Gardens to Garbage—a down-to-earth ecology program.  She performs these shows solo, and also with songwriter and storyteller Nancy Schimmel (


Bonnie has performed for children and families at the Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver British Columbia, the Bumpershoots Festival in Seattle Washington, The Marcia Berman Day of Music for Young Children in Los Angeles, California, and at libraries, schools, and community centers throughout Northern California.

Contact for booking and fee information.  Check out her concert calendar for upcoming shows.