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Dreams, Drums
& Green Thumbs

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Sing-alongs, story songs, lullabies, rounds, and singing gamesthis collection of Bonnie’s originals and favorite folk traditionals invites participation, contemplation, and celebration.  With rich vocal harmonies and accompaniments from Appalachian fiddle to Caribbean steel drum, these songs inspire children of all ages—and their families and teachers—to join in the fun of this handmade, heartfelt music.

Dream, Drums & Green Thumbs includes 15 songs: 

In My Family's House
Who Were the Witches  .mp3 Audio Clip (requires high-speed internet connection)
Tootsie in the Moonlight
When I Feel Mad .mp3 Audio Clip (requires high-speed internet connection)
La Bella Hortelana
Sea Lions Bark
My Friend the Drum
Water Cycle
This Little Light of Mine
My Roots Go Down
Ricki Ticki
Pelicans Flying
What You Dreamt About
A Boy and a Bear Real Audio Clip
The Road to Sleep

In addition to Bonnie's vocals, piano, and guitar,
Dreams, Drums & Green
Thumbs features many artists:

Al Guzman: Vibes

Andy Narell: Steel drums

Ben Goldberg: Clarinet

Donna Viscuso: Flute, sax, harmonica

Gerry Tenney: Banjo

Jackeline Rago: Percussion

Jami Sieber: Cello

Jan Martinelli: Bass

Jan Thyer, Nancy Gendel, Larry Kass: Harmony vocals

Jeremy Allen: Bass

Lichi Fuentes: Guitars, cuatro, harmony vocals

Mark Little: Piano

Robin Flower: Violin, mandolin, guitar

Alice Ramos, Amber Haskell, Dominique Haskell, Fiona Brodie, McKayla Brekke, Sophia Weiner-Light: Children’s chorus

You can buy Dreams, Drums, & Green Thumbs at these Northern California stores: 


A Child’s Place
          1898 Solono Avenue                    510/524-3651

          Hear Music
          1089B Fourth Street                   510/204-9595

El Cerrito:

Down Home Music
          10341 San Pablo Avenue               510/525-4827

Los Altos:

            Linden Tree
            170 State Street                      650/949-3390


            Mama Bears
            6536 Telegraph Avenue              510/428-9684

            Rockridge Kids
            5511 College Avenue                    510/601-5437

            Village Soundz
            Montclair Village
            2052 Mountain Boulevard            510/339-2393