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Growing With Music

Growing With Music: Songs for Singing Families includes 19 songs (click on underlined titles to download lyrics):

  1. This Little Light of Mine, African American Traditional
  2. Good Morning, Adapted from Sofia Lopez-Ibor
  3. Che Che Kule, West African Traditional
  4. One Little Bird, by Patty Zeitlin
  5. Pajarito / Little Birdie,  Mexican Traditional
  6. Cò Lá / The Egret,  Vietnamese Traditional
  7. Bop Bop, by Billy Witz   
  8. Brush Your Teeth, Adapted from the Traditional
  9. Yat Yi Sam/One Two Three, Chinese Traditional
  10. Sally Works with One Hammer, Adapted from the Traditional
  11. Wake Up You Sleepyhead, Adapted from Jean Ritchie’s Hunt the Cows
  12. Tootsie in the Moonlight,  Traditional from Trinidad
  13. Drop, Duck, and Cover, by Billy Witz
  14. Beavers, American Traditional
  15. The Itsy Bitsy Spider/La Arraña Pequeñita, Traditional
  16. Chocolate, Mexican Traditional
  17. The Feet Go Up, German Traditional
  18. My Friend the Drum, by Bonnie Lockhart
  19. Apples and Bananas,  American Traditional

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Growing with Music (GWM) is a project of Association of Children’s Services (AOCS). Conducted in East Oakland public elementary schools, Growing with Music was created in 2000 by Amy Rosenbaum, who continues to direct the program.

AOCS, located in Oakland, California,  is a nonprofit agency providing services and care for children ages birth to five.