Songs & Music Games
from Around the World

Bonnie Lockhart is a Northern California singer, songwriter, educator, and children’s performer who brings a love of diverse folk traditions to her forty-year practice of participatory, community-building music. She is an award-winning recording artist and activist who believes in the transformative power of music in the lives of children, adults, and communities.

Shows for Children & Families

Bonnie offers sing-along, move-along musical shows for children and families. With a repertoire rich in cultural diversity, Bonnie brings her ever-changing show, Songs & Music Games from Around the World, to libraries and schools, fairs and festivals, parks and camps, and wherever children are gathered for fun and learning. Through decades of performing, she has developed numerous programs connecting to curriculum and seasonal themes.

Workshops for Teachers & Caregivers

Bonnie gives workshops and classes for teachers and caregivers at conferences, retreats, and in-service trainings.  Wedding her life-long love of participatory, community-building song with her background in early childhood education, Bonnie engages educators in the joys of participatory music while exploring the developmental benefits of singing and dancing together.

Bonnie's wide variety of material and high level of energy, her ability to involve her audience, her sense of fun, and her pretty voice all add up to a top-notch performance.
Carolyn Potter
Children’s Librarian
Marin County Library
Bonnie’s original songs are catchy and well crafted, and her teaching is positively sneaky—her listeners think they are just having a good time, but they learn a lot!
Gay Ducey
Bonnie helps the world with her songs.
I love her.
Age 6
Bonnie is one of the most popular performers the library employs. Children respond to her open style and relaxed way of involving them in music. Librarians appreciate her reliability and flexibility, and her sensitivity to the programming needs of libraries.
Claire Harrison
Office of Children’s Services
San Francisco Public Library

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