2020 Summer Shows

DIG into a SONG
A musical program for Dig Deeper Summer Reading

As kids Dig into Reading this summer, Bonnie Lockhart unearths a rich treasure of participatory songs and music games for children and families in the libraries.

Gardeners, builders, and all manner of burrowing creatures, from geoduck clams in the tongue-twisting Dig a Duck, to the brave hero in the Chumash story-song, The Little Mouse, will appear in this playful concert. From some good old familiar numbers, to Bonnie’s original compositions, this performance will inspire sing-along, move-along, play-along participation.   

Imagine Your Song
A sing-along concert for Imagine Your Story Summer Reading

Joining in on musical activities from around the world, children will sing along with frog puppets (Japan), move to the rhythms of the djembe (West Africa), echo the antics of a mischievous donkey (Jamaica), and don imaginary gloves to assist in a finger-counting song (China)., We’ll even venture off the globe to sing about shooting stars and full moons. Audience members will play drums on music from West African, Caribbean, Cherokee, and Japanese traditions.  Story songs—from South Africa, to East Oakland—will come along on our musical, imaginative journey.

In all programs, Bonnie accompanies herself on guitar, ukulele, keyboards, and rhythm instruments. She invites children into diverse musical traditions, inspiring youngsters of all backgrounds to enter into the fun.

These programs can be adapted to be age-appropriate for primary grade or upper elementary grade audiences, toddlers and  pre-schoolers. Shows can also be tailored to suit family audiences with children of all ages. 

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